Pink Clay & Rose Petals Body Bar

Pink Clay & Rose Petals Body Bar

Body Cleansing and Moisturising Bar (120g)


A luxuriously nourishing body cleansing experience that is ideal for normal, dry and mature skin

About product

Our handcrafted Pink Clay and Rose Petals Body Cleansing Bar is rich in moisturising and age-defying oils and butters. Silica-rich pink clay gently helps remove dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth. Rose geranium and palmarosa essential oils are soothing, balancing and have skin softening properties. This luxurious rose scented body cleansing bar is ideal for those who prefer a lathering body cleanser without the bottle

How and when to use
Lather the bar between wet hands. Use the lather to massage over and cleanse your body and rinse off. Repeat as desired

How to look after the bar 
Always keep your cleansing bar on a draining holder so it can drain and dry. When using the cleansing bar, do not leave the bar under running water or where it can sit in a pool of water, or it will dissolve. You can store your cleansing bar on the supplied loofah slice. Make sure you regularly sterilise your loofah slice with boiling water, drying it thoroughly and replace when necessary. The loofah is 100% natural and compostable


- cleansing and gentle exfoliating effect
- leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
- soothing and balancing
- rich in moisturising oils and butters

Customer comments

The rose body cleansing bar is delightful. It leaves my body feeling so moisturised, I thought it would just cleanse xx,” Sue
“The body cleansing bar is divine, I am buying some more as gifts,” Pauline
“I just love your rose cleansing bar, it is such a treat to use,” Denise

Hero ingredients

Pink clay
Silica-rich pink clay has a gentle exfoliating effect leaving the skin feeling silky-soft and smooth. It is also renowned for helping to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal

Rose geranium
Soothing and gentle, rose geranium essential oil is reputed to enhance skin circulation whilst balancing and reviving the skin. It’s beautiful rosy floral scent is both relaxing and uplifting

All ingredients
coconut oil; extra virgin olive oil; avocado oil; rice bran oil; organic shea butter; purified rain water; lye; pink clay; rose geranium and palmarosa essential oils

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